Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thursday September 11

Today there are no planned activities, so slept in a bit and went down to breakfast at 9:00 AM.

After breakfast we walked somewhat aimlessly past Taksim Square, for about an hour and then turned around and headed towards the hotel looking for a place to eat.

It was quite hot, 81 and bright sunshine. It is hard to believe it snows here in winter and the snow stays on the ground. I was surprised to find that Istanbul is on the same latitude as Chicago.

We stopped at a roadside cafeteria near our hotel called Nizam and had a light lunch.

After lunch we came back to our room to rest and catch up on my blog.

Eventually went out to dinner at Sisli Balikcisi restaurant. Pretty unique fish restaurant, we had to choose our fish downstairs at the fish market and they would cook it for us. We chose a Dorado, the fish tasted similar to sea bass but better yet.

I had a glass of the local red wine, and similar to the ones I have had before it was very good.

Only one thing marred a perfect dinner, the restaurant had run out of side dishes which usually accompanied the fish, the vegetables and rice. Dinner was still good and we walked back to the hotel happy.

Now its time to finish packing and retire for the night, we leave the hotel at 10:00 am tomorrow morning for our flight back home.

Vacations are always over too soon but this was way too quick. Oh well I just have to come back to Turkey again.


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